Give Konkour! The Iranian entrance exam.

Hello everyone, how is it going? I know I was absent a lot of time because of my horrible new challenges like an educational failure or making decisions about work and conditions for relief. hence, I have a lot of news for you includes of bad and good. yeah, it’s the nature custom.

But I like to tell you about my new great decision which it’s the entrance exam of Iran universities named Konkur. This exam covers Math(calculus 1 ), physics, chemistry, Persian literature, Islamic lessons, Arabic, and English tests.

Indeed, I gave it 5 years ago, and due to my Black Phobia(a name which I tell my multi-dimensional illness that compact of depression, stress, and obsession. But I want to reinitiate myself for change past and give my personal independence, of course, cure my illness that I can hunt it down as I face the challenges and improve my resilience against panic attacks.

You don’t know how much pressure I have been tried by everything. including my family that you can’t do it. you’re a loser! go to the simple and easiest college! they have forced me badly but I didn’t change my solid intention. After much experience of being engaged with challenges, I found what broke me. yes, is as follows, being surrender or refuse my abilities myself and in the end lack of brightly plan.

But it’s questionable for you that what is your intention fuel? directly it’s referring to my new stabilized habit what reading books.

Really? How? it’s serious! yeah, I will explain to you in the next post.

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